Black Sheep Roundtable Meeting Tonight


It’s a Saturday night, and there aren’t any shows happening at Black Sheep but instead we are hosting our next roundtable meeting! You got any suggestions on how we can improve our space? You want to tell us why you quit coming to shows? We want to hear from you! We aren’t necessarily looking for suggestions directed at Black Sheep co-owners on what to do better, but more-so a discussion among all show goers and volunteers on how we can all improve our space and music community.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to come! The meeting tonight will be at 7:00 pm inside of Black Sheep. We are expecting it to go on until 9:00 pm. If all goes well we are planning on continuing our roundtable meetings on a quarterly basis (four meetings a year). We also have a “get involved” zine in the works that will be available to everyone and will almost work as a how-to in getting involved with the Black Sheep community and Springfield music scene. Check out a facebook event for the meeting tonight right here!

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