Dumb Records 8-Year Anniversary Sale January 7th-12th

Good morning on this cold, cold, day! Since we are so cold we might as well launch a sale to heat things up around here. And we’ll make it last a few days so you don’t have to come out today when it’s zero degrees out. We were going to have a couple of Dumb Records 8 Year Anniversary shows around this time, but another wave of covid hit harder than ever and we had to cancel our shows once again. So we are just going to move forward with a Dumb Records sale, happening January 7th-12th! Here’s what we got going on!

– 20% OFF ALL turntables!!
– 30% OFF all USED vinyl!!
– 40% OFF ALL CDs!!
– 50% OFF arcade entry!!
– 60% OFF all dollar records!!

Have any questions? No, those sales are not good for online, just in our store. Oh yeah, we have new t-shirts printed. There isn’t a sale on those.

Today’s Downtown “Holi-Deal”: 2 Free Arcade Tickets With Every Online Order

It’s time for a holiday surprise. The surprise is that we are once again the featured business in Downtown Springfield Inc’s holiday advent calendar (we were featured a different day back in November when we were open). Today’s “Holi-deal” is that if you place any order with us on either of our online stores, you get two free arcade entry tickets good for any point once we open our arcade again. We aren’t sure when our arcade will open again, but based on the numbers for the county we may be opening our store up one step at a time very soon. Find the links to our online stores below:

Our Storenvy site (Dumb Records merchandise + new vinyl records) HERE

Our Discogs site (over 5,000 new and used LPs and CDs) HERE

Dumb Records “Vinyl Fan’s Starters Club” Deal


We are trying new things to be creative with our store now that we are going to have to be closed for the next month (or more). Also most of us are stuck at home for a while now, so what a better time to get into vinyl than now if you don’t already have a turntable set up?!? That is why today we are introducing this new special, probably to go until the end of the stay-at-home-order. It is the Vinyl Fan’s Starters Club Deal. For $120, this is what is all included:

– Your choice of a Studebaker “5 in 1” stereo turntable / CD / cassette player, OR an Audio-Technica AT-LP60X turntable
– Your choice of 1 Dumb Records t-shirt or hat
– Your pickings of $35 of vinyl from our discogs store
– A few extra stickers and guitar picks thrown in.

Wow, amazing! Get in touch with us at dumbrecs@gmail.com or whatever means possible if interested. This offer is available to Springfield residents only. And as far as turntables go, we have a limited amount available in our store right now but can always order more.

Introducing Dumb Records “Deals of the Day”


We are trying something new to adapt to these times that we are in. With our physical store being closed for what is looking at least another month if not more due to COVID-19, we are depending on online sales to make sure that our business can survive this pandemic.

We have been selling and have over 5,000 items listed on our Discogs page. And now we want to mix things up a little bit by offering some “Deals of the Day” – where we are going to pick out five featured records a day to offer at discounted prices on a first come first serve basis! We’ll just take the description from today off of our facebook page:

We are offering reduced prices on these five featured records TODAY ONLY (3/30). First come first serve. We are offering FREE shipping to customers in Springfield, or $4 shipping anywhere else in the USA. Payment has to be done in advance through PayPal (dumbrecs@gmail.com) or CashApp ($DumbRecords)

1. Tame Impala “Currents” (new) – $26
2. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “Ghosteen (new) – $26
3. Kate Bush “Never For Ever” (used, NM/VG+) – $14
4. Jeff Beck & The Yardbirds “Shapes of Things” (used, VG+/VG+) – $8
5. The Beach Boys “Endless Summer” (used, VG+/VG) – $11

This is good for today only, if this ends up being a fun lil’ thing, we’ll pick five more records tomorrow!

Right now all of those are still available EXCEPT for the Tame Impala record. You can keep checking our facebook page, and also instagram stories for new daily deals.

Dumb Records 25¢** Downtown Sidewalk Sale Today


Happy Saturday, it’s a beautiful day outside and a perfect one for the downtown sidewalk sales which is kicking off right now. For the sidewalk sales, a number of downtown businesses take part in different sales, or putting stuff out on the sidewalks. We just made a crazy last minute decision and decided that everything we are putting out on the sidewalks today is going to just be 25¢. That’s right, we don’t even care anymore. We will also be holding an all day sale of 20% off everything else in our store. Enjoy!

In addition to all of that, local clothing brand “The Zodiac Custom” will be doing a pop-up shop inside the second room of our store! That will be happening from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Our store will be open Saturday from 10:00 am until after 8:00 pm – we have our hip hop show going on tonight starting at 7:30 pm.

This Saturday (April 27th): Dumb Records $1 Sidewalk Sale


Downtown Springfield is having a big ol’ spring sidewalk sale throughout shops downtown this Saturday so we figured we’d use this opportunity at Dumb Records to do some spring cleaning! That’s right – at 9:00 am this Saturday we are opening up a little early and putting tables or shelves or whatever we can wrangle up out onto the sidewalk for a special sale – everything outside will be one dollar. We have a lot of records in our basement that haven’t seen the light of day since our old store, so this is a good idea (we know, sunlight and records are not a good thing, we know). If it’s raining out on Saturday we’ll do the same thing but we’ll just have the tables set up next door to us inside Bread Stretchers. All of that sound good?

We’ll be doing our sale from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm (will be open until regular time of 8:00 pm). Check out what other downtown businesses are participating along with a map of all of them right here.