Dumb Records 8-Year Anniversary Sale January 7th-12th

Good morning on this cold, cold, day! Since we are so cold we might as well launch a sale to heat things up around here. And we’ll make it last a few days so you don’t have to come out today when it’s zero degrees out. We were going to have a couple of Dumb Records 8 Year Anniversary shows around this time, but another wave of covid hit harder than ever and we had to cancel our shows once again. So we are just going to move forward with a Dumb Records sale, happening January 7th-12th! Here’s what we got going on!

– 20% OFF ALL turntables!!
– 30% OFF all USED vinyl!!
– 40% OFF ALL CDs!!
– 50% OFF arcade entry!!
– 60% OFF all dollar records!!

Have any questions? No, those sales are not good for online, just in our store. Oh yeah, we have new t-shirts printed. There isn’t a sale on those.

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