Dumb Records “Vinyl Fan’s Starters Club” Deal


We are trying new things to be creative with our store now that we are going to have to be closed for the next month (or more). Also most of us are stuck at home for a while now, so what a better time to get into vinyl than now if you don’t already have a turntable set up?!? That is why today we are introducing this new special, probably to go until the end of the stay-at-home-order. It is the Vinyl Fan’s Starters Club Deal. For $120, this is what is all included:

– Your choice of a Studebaker “5 in 1” stereo turntable / CD / cassette player, OR an Audio-Technica AT-LP60X turntable
– Your choice of 1 Dumb Records t-shirt or hat
– Your pickings of $35 of vinyl from our discogs store
– A few extra stickers and guitar picks thrown in.

Wow, amazing! Get in touch with us at dumbrecs@gmail.com or whatever means possible if interested. This offer is available to Springfield residents only. And as far as turntables go, we have a limited amount available in our store right now but can always order more.

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