Activator April “Social Distancing” Issue Available Now Online


It’s April, and another month usually means a new issue of Activator Magazine available for free in our store! This month of course is pretty wild and different with all of us staying at home, and our physical store not even being open! For this month’s issue, Activator has put together a special “Social Distancing” issue and it’s available for free online! Find the link to check that out right here.

This issue includes the usual local music write-ups, and scene reports for both Springfield and Champaign, however no Central Illinois or St. Louis show calendars because all shows are cancelled! The issue is however still packed with a list of recourses for musicians effected by COVID-19, and article about live-streams becoming more popular during this time, and more.

Consider supporting Activator Magazine by also checking out their online Patreon page.

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