(Final) Radon Lounge Show Tonight: 6’10”, Idle Oath, The Uh Ohs, David Lasley & Sophia Magruder


Wow, we can hardly believe it but the final ever Radon Lounge show is happening tonight after eight years of the house venue putting on shows in Springfield. We’re not sure what’s next for Jeff and his crew but we’re going to pop on our favorite Christmas sweater and grab a sled and let’s all head over to the lounge tonight. The big act on the bill from Chicago this time is 6’10 (like six foot ten inches), the height of the guy who is in Flatfoot 56 (the band). Stream some of 6’10’s music on the player below. Also playing is Springfield indie duo Idle Oath – they are actually playing at our space the night before for the Springfield Community Broadcasters benefit as well! There’s another group from Chicago on the bill called “The Uh Oh’s” playing music that is supposedly Christmas appropriate.  Opening things up is David Lasley and Sophia Magruder.

That show starts at The Radon Lounge at 7:00 pm and is $5. Don’t know where the Radon Lounge is? You can inquire at radonlounge@gmail.com. Find a facebook event for this show right here. And also be sure to check out our Springfield shows page where we try to list off other shows going on in town but do a bad job at keeping up at it.

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