The Radon Lounge Announces An End To Shows After 8 Years


An almost completely unexpected announcement came today from our friends The Radon Lounge that they will no longer continue hosting shows at their basement venue after their upcoming Christmas show on Saturday, December 14th. Here’s the short version of the announcement:

Our show on December 14, 2019 will be the last Radon Lounge show, ever.

It’s been a fun ride, 8 years is a very long life for a DIY house venue. I’m also happy to say these years have been entirely incident free and lots of good times. There are no bad reasons why this is happening, only good. Don’t worry as I’ll still be around filling up your feed with show invites as I can’t imagine living my life without shows and pinball.

Aaaand the long version of the announcement which includes a nice history of The Radon Lounge can be found as part of the announcement on their facebook page.

The final Radon Lounge show is taking place on Saturday, December 14th and features 6’10, Idle Oath, The Uh Ohs, David Lasley & Sophia Magruder, and the art of Kristin Diehl on display. Find a facebook event for that one right here.

We’ll be sure to post any updates on announcements regarding future endeavors The Radon Lounge or Jeff Black of The Radon Lounge may be involved with.

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