November 9th at The Radon Lounge: Treadles, Moss Jaw, Kate The Band, Vincent Sebastian


The Radon Lounge have announced their next show *other than an open mic going on October 25th.* That is on Saturday, November 9th – yes, the same night we have this hip hop show going on, also same day as the grand opening of Good Heart Tattoos. This show at The Radon Lounge features a touring act called “Treadles” from New Orleans, Louisiana. Stream some of their music on the player below. Also on tour is a band called Moss Jaw from the complete opposite end of the country (kinda) – Kalamazoo, Michigan. Are these two bands touring together? We are not so sure! But we do know that there are a solid couple of opening acts including the return of Kate The Band, and also the solo pop artist / maybe full band version of Vincent Sebastian.

This show starts over at The Radon Lounge at 7:00 pm and admission is $5, plus you get free coffee and pinball??? What a deal. To find out more about The Radon Lounge and maybe inquire about their address, check out their website. Also maybe check out our Springfield shows page for a small list of shows happening in town outside of our own space.

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