New Band Pages: Black Box


It’s Monday! Welcome to a brand new week. Here we are bringing you yet another new Springfield band page for a brand new band. That band is “Black Box” and they are so brand brand new that they have only played three shows and don’t have recordings up yet. You can check out their new page right here where you can find out more about the band, and see a long list of related projects that more than likely is not complete. Black Box does not have any shows currently lined up at our space, but keep an eye out!

The current active band count for band pages we have on our site right now is 43! Yes, there are plenty of bands we don’t have pages for, and a few on that page that are inactive that we need to update. But check those all out right here. Do you play in a local band that has not gotten a page set up with us yet? Get in touch with us at and we will work with you to get something set up!

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