Master Bastard: “Drinking With Children”


A couple of weekends ago now we held CD release shows for two local artists in our space as part of Downhome Music Festival aftershows. One was for Dexter Anodyne, and the other for local band Master Bastard and their album Drinking With ChildrenDrinking With Children is now available streaming on a few different platforms, unfortunately not any that we are able to embed below. You can check out the album streaming on Spotify right here. Something called “iHeartRadio” right here? (Looks like you need to set up an account for that one too). has it (only 30 clips of the songs though and you have to buy the full mp3s) right here. The same goes with the album on Apple Music right here. We think it’s on “Google Play” too but don’t know how to link to it on that.  :-/

We have the album listed on our Springfield album archive page for this year right here. Master Bastard do not have any other shows lined up at our space as of yet. Keep an eye out!

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