June 18th at Black Sheep: Trouveur, Dedwayte, 108th Street, Abolith


The weekend following Dumb Fest we have a few shows going on, most of them pretty short and sweet compared to this crazy weekend we have coming up. This is a four band rock show happening on Saturday, June 18th. Be sure to check out The Horse Show going on during the day at the Refuge Ranch as well. For this show we have a local band called “Trouveur” who have not yet performed at the Black Sheep. In fact, this whole show might be made of local bands performing at Black Sheep for the first time! Check out one of Trouveur’s songs streaming on the player below. For this show we also have the heavy metal group Dedwayte. Then before that we’ll be taking a trip over to 108th Street (to see the band 108th Street). Opening things up looks like we have a newer local metal band called Abolith.

This show will start a little bit earlier at 6:30 pm, and this time around admission is $10 unless you pick up a ticket beforehand from one of the bands for $8. Check out a facebook event for this concert right here. Also check out what else we are planning this summer on our shows page.

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