Dumb Fest 4-Ever Two Days Away, Set Times


It’s hard to believe it, but Dumb Fest 4-Ever is only two days away and we are probably just days away from looking at the biggest, hottest, and craziest festival that has ever happened here in Southtown. For those of you who have not yet seen, the official set times and breakdown of each show has been posted on a final flier (shown above). We’ll have print-outs available of this at the festival along with a nice little fest guide. Feel free to come check out all of those shows, or even just one or two of them! You don’t have to have a festival pass to go to any of those shows, and you can see the individual prices for each listed on the schedule.

Dumb Fest gold passes are still available for $25 at Dumb Records or online right here. The gold pass gets you admission to all of the Dumb Fest shows that are happening during the day (all of the except the aftershows). Gold passes will be on sale until Tuesday at 5:00 pm. Also don’t forget to head over to our Dumb Fest 4-Ever page for links to all of the bands playing this year, or the Dumb Fest facebook event.

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