Last Day To Vote In Best of Springfield Music 2018 Poll


Our annual Best of Springfield Music poll for 2018 has been going for ten days now, and today is the last day you have to vote for your favorite Springfield releases, songs, and local shows that happened this past year! If you have not yet voted, you can still do that by clicking the link below:


Results will be posted at the very end of the year along with write-ups from some of your favorite local celebrities. We are also teaming up with Activator Magazine this year and the results of the Best of Springfield 2018 music poll will be featured story in the January 2019 issue of the magazine.

We will keep the polls open until midnight tonight. Again, you can check out our Springfield album archive page for a long list of most of these releases with links to listen to each one.

Best of Springfield 2018 Music Poll


Greetings! It may be just the beginning of December, but we are kicking off our annual best of Springfield music poll a tad early this year so that we have plenty of time to compile results and get together write-ups because this year our results are going to be published in the January issue of Activator Magazine! Our poll has three parts: your favorite albums/releases that came out by local bands, your favorite songs by local bands that came out this year, and your favorite local shows of 2018. This is open to all Springfield local music of any genre! And not just Black Sheep shows of course! We compiled a list of 64 local releases this year (wow, that’s a lot)! You can view them all and find links to listen to most of them on our Springfield release guide right here. At the end of our poll usually we put in a suggestion box for Black Sheep / Dumb Records – we are doing that again this year, but instead it’s a suggestion box on the types of things you would like to see with a new space we are opening up downtown in 2019.


If there are any local albums that we don’t have listed, there is a box at the bottom of the first portion you can still write-in your votes – we would also like to hear about anything we’ve missed! You can email us at and we can always add releases to the poll.

The poll will be open now for the next ten days until December 13th! We know that for the shows portion of the poll, there are a LOT of HUGE shows lined up after that deadline happening as The Black Sheep’s final shows!! Maybe you can enter in shows that haven’t happened yet if you want? IDK!

We will be posting results of the poll at the end of this month or the beginning of next month along with physical copies of the January issue of Activator!

Help Us List Off Springfield Releases of 2018!


It’s that time of year again! It’s time for us to start gearing up for our annual best of Springfield music poll – the seventh year we have ran the poll and results looking back on the year in Springfield music if you can believe it or not. This year we’ve got something special up our sleeves – we are going to be conjoining forces with Activator Magazine to help create their January 2019 publication as a look back in Springfield music for 2018 and feature the poll results along with write-ups! Our poll (not active yet), will ask for your favorite albums and songs from Springfield bands released in the past year, as well as your favorite local shows you attended *not limited to any genres or specific venues!

The poll will be running on our site from December 3rd through the 13th.

Before we kick off the poll though we need your help in making sure we are listing off all of the Springfield music that came out this year! Here is our list of what we have so far (total of 45):

Adam Maletich – Over The Edge
Arlin Peelbes – When You Need Me
boon – Social Anxylophone
Dixie Narcos – Neurotic Static
Deep Hollow – Weary Traveler
Demons on Wheels – Unleashed
Devin Hayes – The Mind’s Diary
Eggman – Cube Zero
Eyes From Above – Principium EP
Foam Fangers – Foam Fangers EP
Foot – Big
Forest Saints – Nocturne
Glower – Glower EP
Graveswitcher – Graveswitcher
Go! Tsunami – A Day At The Beach
Hospital Job – Haze Like Me
Imaginary Colours – Blank Slate
Imaginary Colours – Dream WAV
Imaginary Colours – Tangled Up In Blue
Kenyon DeShasier – Together
Kenyon Deshasier – Wondrous Lover
The Little Death – Way Happier
Los Injectors – Rock Apocalypto
MAC – No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs
Master Bastard – Mouth Breather
MLR – Abandoned Evening
MLR – I’ll Be In This
No Cash Value – No Cash Value
Pryss – Alogia
Rather Dashing – Rather Dashing
Resistance To Reason – First Year
Rockford – Briarcliff EP
Sorry Charlie – Sorry Charlie
Stater Jacket – Decisions
Timothy Donavan Russell – Best of Ambient 2003-2018
Timothy Donavan Russell – Best of Experimental 2003-2018
Timothy Donavan Russell – Fibonacci
Timothy Donavan Russell – Golden Age
Timothy Donavan Russell – Knot
Timothy Donavan Russell – Microtonal Ambient
Timothy Donavan Russell – Rain Tree
Timothy Donavan Russell – The Sound of Cosmology
Timothy Donavan Russell – Sugarchurch
This Is A Stick Up! – The Dumpster Punk E.P.
Uncle Sam’s Mutagenic Children – Right Answers To The Wrong Questions
Wolf Crick Boys – War & Peace

There you have it. If you know of any other releases from Springfield bands or musicians from this past year, let us know so we can include it in our poll! A release consists of two or more songs of original music – also we are opening this up to nearby towns Decatur, Jacksonville, Taylorville, etc. Comment below or email us at if you have any additions.

Best of Springfield Music 2017: Shows

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 10.13.20 PM.png

The further we get here into 2018 the more we should just get the end of our three part best of 2017 the heck over with!! Finally, here is the third and final part of of our three part series with your top voted shows that happened in Springfield in the year 2017.

1. 10-2 at Black Sheep: Looming (Seed Album Release), Screaming Females, Street Eaters, Choir Vandals 


2. June 9th, 10th, 11th Dumb Fe5t (seven locations throughout Springfield, 50 bands from 17 different states)


3. 9-16 Black Sheep 12 Year Anniversary Show with Bottom Bracket, Stick People, Prowess, Kate Laine

4. 4-7 at Black Sheep: Hippie Squishers, Vanilla Gorilla, Hood E. Klimate, Kabass


5. 7-1 at Black Sheep: Food & Money (reunion), Backwards Day (reunion), Livin’ Thing, Spell Breaker

6. 11-18 at Black Sheep: Black Sheep Band Lotto 2017

7. 7-7 at Black Sheep: P.I.N.T., Leche, Say Something, Grady Drugg (“The Bouncehouse Show”)

8. 10-14 at Black Sheep: Battle of the Bands

9. 5-13 at Black Sheep: Black Sheep Cover Show Part 6

10. 12-22 at Black Sheep: Black Sheep Holiday Show with Vonne (reunion), Bottom Bracket, Rockford, Telephone Junkies

Best of Springfield Music 2017: Songs


Here we are with the second part of our three part Best of Springfield Music 2017 series with your top vote songs that came from Springfield bands and musicians in the past year! Nice! We had quite the time going through all of these and adding up the totals (there are a lot of songs out there). Once again, we do not have write-ups for all of these (sorry), just the straight forward results and the embedded songs on bandcamp players below. Enjoy! We’ll return tomorrow with the third and final installment of this series.

1. Bottom Bracket – Bottom Bracket

2. Telephone Junkies – Monday Morning

3. Looming – Queen

4. Stick People – Easier Said

5. Kate Laine – This Is Not A Test

6. Prowess – Rat Bastard

7. Livin’ Thing – Punch Line

8. Night Night Boy – Ginger Ale

9. Pryss – Goodnight Alt-Right

10. Spell Breaker – Superstar

Best of Springfield Music 2017: Albums


Here we are in 2018, already into February and we are just now getting you the results of our 2017 best of polls right now. We are really sorry, we really are. We don’t event have write ups for all of these. Today we are delivering the results for the top ten voted albums or releases that came out of Springfield in 2017, as voted for on our site in December. If you tune in to the Black Sheep Radio Show today from 4:00 to 6:00 pm, we will be featuring songs from this list. Find the list of top ten albums below!

1. Bottom Bracket – Dreamland EP
(recorded at Southtown Sound, self-released)


2. Looming – Seed 
(recorded by Brandon Carnes, released by No Sleep Records)


3. Telephone Junkies – Monday Morning
(recorded at Southtown Sound, self-released)


4. Stick People – Lips
(recorded at Southtown Sound, self-released)


5. Prowess – EP
(recorded at Southtown Sound, released by Prescience Tapes)


6. Livin’ Thing – The Godhead EP
(recorded at Dumb Records, released by Rat King Records)


7. Food & Money – 1979-1982
(recorded 1979-1980, released by Alona’s Dream Records)


8. Kaite Laine – Recurring Dream
(recorded at Southtown Sound, self-released)


9. Attic Salt – Attic Salt
(recorded at Capital City Recording, released on Dodgeball Records)


10. Kabass – Warrior Within EP
(self-recorded, self-released)


11. Pryss – Sisyphus
12. Spell Breaker – Spell Breaker
13. Animals With Human Names – The Basement Tape
14. Abyss – Dreadnought
15. Tom Irwin – All That Love
16. Lick Creek – EP
17. Vincent Sebastian – A New Rhode
18. Animals With Human Names – The Studio Tape
19. Eric Marvel – What A Disappointment EP
20. Nefarious Cloud – Resurrection 

Looking For Help With Write-Ups For Best of Springfield Music 2017!


Alright all of you website viewers that we have out there. We have collected results for our annual Springfield Music poll this year, and everything is looking great. This year we felt we would reach out and extend the offer to anyone who would like to help write reviews for our top ten best ofs in the categories of albums, songs, and shows for the year 2017. If you are interested, send us an email to We will get back to you with a list of things for you to chose from (pick one) to write one to two paragraphs on. We do need it within the next day or two though! For examples of what we are looking for, you can check out last year’s (2016) results for shows herealbums here, and songs here.

The results for the best of’s will be posted along with write-ups probably at the very start of 2018! (Sorry we are a tad bit behind this year)! Stay tuned and thanks for being here!