Best of Springfield Music 2018: Songs


Tonight we are bringing you part #2 in our Best of Springfield 2018 Music series! Part #2 is your top voted songs that came from Springfield bands this past year! We have a top ten here with write-ups by different local musicians and members of our music community. Check that out below!

Also Activator Magazine which has all of these write-ups and more has their January issue OUT around town! Be sure to pick one up at various locations around town (and soon the new Dumb Records once we are up and running).

You can be on the lookout for our top albums/releases of 2018 posted the next few days.

1. Eyes From Above – “Fade”
Many of you might know about my past Metalcore bands, but if ya don’t just know, I used to roll pretty hard with the double pedal Jesus metal. Eyes from Above definitely is the house Metal Band for BXS (Black Sheep) and probably the most tight and technical one that I’ve seen in a while. Fade from their EP Principium really is a nostalgic hit for me. They really got this early Misery Signals // Killswitch thing with this song keeping the rhythms tight when they need to then let stuff ring out when its right. The vocals in this song RIP. Usually I like to keep my metalcore sing-free, sorry 2007 era, but the vocals in this are super smooth and go up in Red Belt range for some hook heavy choruses I still got stuck in my head. The track really builds in the bridge with some wicked screams and builds with some Parkway style leads underneath everything that’s pretty dope. Fade is a very good straight forward metalcore track that these folks pull off live well every time and I’m very excited to see them again because I now know the lyrics to this song!! -BJ Pearce (Black Sheep, Bottom Bracket, Graveswitcher)

2. The Telephone Junkies – “2001: A Honda Odyssey” 
Granted, this is coming from a guy 6 decades old, but In their tune ‘2001: A Honda Odyssey’, The Telephone Junkies do a damn good job of capturing the angst of being on the cusp of, you know, the whole adult thing.  Believe it or not, I still recall those feels, the doubts, the questioning of self, the poverty that comes at that time of life, and the point where ya wanna or actually do scream:   ‘I don’t care anymore’!   The song isn’t just an ode to the bands ride, but a nod to the odyssey of life they’ve lived thus far.   I love the tune and enjoy seeing TTJ live.  Thankfully, the band hasn’t been totally beat down by age or angst and ‘2001: AHO’ is a well crafted punk pop/college rock tune that makes that clear.  Get this, I just learned, while visiting the bands webpage, that these guys figured that old shits like me may like their stuff.  They note: “We’re like Weezer or Superchunk but not as good.  Your dad would probably like us. :)” This dad does! -Joe Coffey (Coolest guy in Springfield)

3. Rockford – “Nicotine Poisoning”
“Please, love, help me think; Keep me calm, don’t let me sink” croons Drew Harmon after a reverb-soaked crescendo that ends Rockford’s single “Nicotine Poison,” named one of Springfield’s best song releases of 2018. Rockford, one of Springfield’s upcoming garage rock bands, draws influences from surf and indie rock to craft a song that innocently convinces the listener to sit back and relax before suddenly surrounding them with swelling guitar leads and echo-filled vocals. This subtle building finds its foundations in steady drums, a wandering bassline, and droning guitar chords that feel as though they should be casually strummed while relaxing on a couch. Thanks to excellent production from Kyle Noonan and one of the coldest Bandcamp header photos of all time, Rockford’s release earns its spot on this Best of Springfield Music list and is worthy of a listen.  – Jacob Armbrecht (The Telephone Junkies)

4. This Is A Stick Up – “Dumpster Dash” 
“Dumpster Dash” is the opening song of Decatur punk band This Is A Stick Up’s debut EP and is an anthem for being stuck chasing the cash cow. The song has more pop punk vibe that feels up beat and fun, despite the melancholic vocals. It’s one that’s sure to get stuck in your head. -Drew Kodrich (Black Sheep, Pryss, Final Order)

5. No Cash Value – “Government Stole My Skateboard”
No Cash Value is the next generation of punk, and it sounds like what we’ve been missing for years. “Government Stole My Skateboard” harkens back to a time when punk was hyperbolic. Outlandish. Somehow simultaneously pointed and silly. Even at this style of punk’s 1980s peak, it was never this much fun. The kids are at it again, and there’s plenty more where this came from. -Mitch Baker (Looming, Graveswitcher)

6. Master Bastard – “Sun Came Out”
I first discovered Master Bastard when I was asked to judge one of the Black Sheep Battle of the Bands in (2017?). All four of us loved them because they’re three piece true rock and rollers and this track rips. -Jessica Knight (Looming)

7.  Foam Fangers – “I’m A Jerk”
Foam Fangers is the definition of punk. A lot of people have seen them grow in the scene with only being around for a short time. Their song “I’m A Jerk” shows their true sound and a sound that gives you the hype of original punk music. With raw talent in what they do, you are sure to get inside the pit with this band! -Andrew Luft (Eyes From Above)

8. Complaint Line – “It’s Alright”
There is something about the Complaint Line that leaves me with feelings that are far from complainy and more along the lines of happy.  When I think about words to describe this trio I would say loud, happy, fun.  I especially enjoy their music live and have been able to see them several times this year.  Every time I see them, I enjoy them more and more. Their three song digital album on bandcamp is like a post card souvenir from their shows leaving me with a smile on my face and dancing about the kitchen as I bob my head up and down while doing the dishes with enthusiasm and joy. -Apryl Mayes (The Radon Lounge)

9. Pryss – “Brocas Area”
Pryss’s Brocea’s Area is a prime example of Black Sheep era hardcore punk and just punk in general. They waste no time with their aural assault! Not one ounce or hint of hesitation. Just pure relentless energy. -Eric Rogers (Eric Marvel)

10. Alexa Redd – “Right Time”
“Right Time” is the perfect example of humans still being able to love humans.  In a 24 hour news cycle of negativity the single and video shed light on the enduring spirit of compassion, hope and love. -Aaron Uncanny Phillips

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