Best of Springfield Music 2018: Albums (#11-20)


Yes, hello! Welcome to part #3 of our Best of Springfield Music 2018 series – today we are giving you just half of our top 20 voted albums/releases that came from Springfield bands in 2018 as voted on our site. Once again, each finalist has write-ups done by different musicians or members of our community. You can also stream most of these releases on players below.

Thanks again to all who contributed! And you can find all of this and more published in the January issue of Activator Magazine found at various locations around town. We’ll return with the fourth and final part (albums #1-10) of the series tomorrow!

11. Hospital Job – Haze Like Me
Wow…10 killer songs served up with great melodies, catchy punk riffs, and some sweet harmonies.  This record is well written, well played, and very well produced.  Sure it’s pop-punk, but this ain’t some kind of Green Day rip-off.  And there’s no excess here…these songs get right to the point, and quickly get you hooked! -Lance Reynolds (NIL8)

12. Rockford – Briarcliff EP
With surfy guitar licks that won’t get out of your head, Springfield rock n roll quartet Rockford released their debut, Briarcliff EP this June. The band made an impression in 2017 at the Black Sheep Café and recorded these tight 5 tracks at Southtown Sound after winning the annual battle of the bands. “Nothing’s Set in Stone” kicks off the record with a catchy bass groove and almost haunting vocal performance. “Vanity” has a hypnotic guitar melody and a defiant hook that sticks in your head and won’t leave. Rockford crafted a tight collection of moody, indie surf rock tunes that hit you right in those teenage feels. -Jack Moore (The Telephone Junkies)

13. Los Injectors – Rock Apocalypto 
Words fail us! – Activator editorial board

14. The Complaint Line – February EP
The simple yet eye-catching cover of The Complaint Line’s 2018 Ep perfectly encapsulates the poppy and to the point music contained within. Opener It’s Alright is the standout track of the 3 short songs on the release. It’s infectious riffs and hooks are very memorable, plus it’s got a DUAL guitar solo. The final track, Never Done, features yet another tasteful guitar solo. Overall, this ep is an enjoyable 8 minutes of catchy rock and roll with a pop edge.

15. Kenyon DeShasier – Wondrous Lover

16. Pryss – Alogia
“Alogia,” the third release from Springfield’s Pryss, starts off firm and forceful to say the least. “Broca’s Area” hits you with a truck load of feedback and drums as an introduction. This is merely a precursor, leading to arguably hardest tempo change to shake the Midwest, and- in true Pryss fashion- you don’t see it coming. You’re just along for the glorious ride. Step to it, feel it, enjoy it. “Do you sleep at night, knowing I’m outside?” -Liam Coffey (Prowess, Final Order, Vonne)

17. Epsom – Redundancy EP
Honestly, the world seemed to move faster this year. Things sailed past me as I stuffed my face with podcasts and TV shows. I’m the glad this Best Of called for volunteers, because Scott and the rest of Epsom gleefully remind me to turn off the fucking podcasts for once, and maybe read a book this time. I think we all need a little bit of that. -Cory VanMeter (Say Something, Soap Scum)

18. MAC – No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs
If you love punk rock and haven’t been living underground the past 6 months, then chances are you have seen or heard of MAC. MAC is a kick ass punk rock band that formed earlier in 2018. They love to party and have a good time,which reflects at their live shows. “Rabies” is a crowd favorite about getting bit by a rabid dog and turning into a zombie, but they are also here to punch racism in the face and bring attention to social issues we as humans are still battling. In early October 2018 MAC released “No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs” with the release show being held at brewhaus downtown. The Ep includes Distrust, Authority, and Understand which point out issues our government has about not caring about other country’s austerity and suffering, police brutality, and living as a black person in today’s social climate. MAC is not afraid to stand up for what they believe in, and we all hope to see more of MAC in 2019! – Trey Kasper (Foam Fangers)

19. Go!Tsunami – A Day At The Beach
Local mask wears, playing killer surf rock. Go! Tsunamis latest album At the Beach will surely warm you up with their summer vibes. -Michael LaFrance (Imaginary Colours)

20. EGGMAN – Cube Zero
Going into the 2018 band lotto show in eager anticipation of seeing what my peers whipped up, I got caught with a SUCKERPUNCH. That’s right, I caught a swift punch to the ear holes when I saw EGGMAN take the stage. These guys are TOUGH. FAST and familiar. Line up consisting of some BXS veterans, it was no wonder why they rocked so hard. Very exclusive 7″ eps were dropped  and will be as illusive as the band. They we here and gone so fast, as fast as they stole my heart. Best Punk band of 2018. -Johnny Tsakanikas (Foam Fangers)

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