Dumb Records Finalist In 3 “Best Of Springfield” Categories


Wow! It’s that time of year again. The Illinois Times has their Best of Springfield up and rolling. This is the first time around where we have our new downtown store up and rolling, which means we are in the running for Best New Downtown Business! Yippee! Then the two other categories we are in which are more usual for us “Best Music Shop” and “Best Small Live Music Venue”. Of course we are not the only ones in the running for all of these different categories. You can be sure to vote for all of your other favorite local businesses in many other categories ranging from food/drink, entertainment, goods & services, and even a whole section for cannabis! The section for bands and musicians seems a bit smaller this year, but it’s still there as well.

Go Vote Here.

Voting goes from now until the next eleven days and ends on September 23rd.

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