Tonight at Dumb Records: Die, Prevention, Split, War And Rumor

Good morning and happy Sunday. We’ve got a show happening at Dumb Records TONIGHT. It’s another hardcore show. This is also our last show happening this year??

Okay, for this show we’ve got a band called “Die” from Chicago! Stream their music on the player embedded below. Didn’t we just recently have a band called Die play here? Yes, but that was “DYE” from Kansas City, apparently a different band. Also on this show of course is heavy hitting hardcore band Prevention. Then another band called SPLIT. Didn’t they recently play here too? No, that show got cancelled and they didn’t get to play here, so now they are. And we’ve got War & Rumor from Jacksonville.

All of that is tonight at 7:00 pm and admission is $7. You better believe we are still checking for proof of vaccine or negative COVID test within 72 hours at the door. And duh, masks are required. Find a facebook event for this one right here.

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