Tonight at Dumb Records: Flatfoot 56, Night Night Boy, Yap Trap

There’s a big one going down here tonight at Dumb Records. There’s been a slight lineup change since this one was first announced.

We still have big time headliner Flatfoot 56 on the bill – American Scottish / Celtic punk band from Chicago, Illinois. They have played here in town a couple of times before, at least once as far back as a full decade ago at The Black Sheep Cafe. They have been a band since the year 2000 – that’s 20+ years. You can stream their latest album, Black Thorn on the player below. Also on this gig is the Brandon Carnes alternative short-song rock band “Night Night Boy“ – playing for the first time since the pandemic. The lineup change we have is that Attic Salt is no longer performing, instead we have a newer band called Yap Trap from Champaign! They don’t have any music recorded yet as far as we know.

This show is a $10 banger, and starts at 7:00 pm like most of our other shows. Find a facebook event right here. Also check out our shows page for a list of upcoming shows right hereAnd this part we’re serious about – like our other shows, we will be enforcing masks worn by all attendees and checking for proof of vaccine (either in physical card form or photos of one), or negative COVID test within 72 hours.

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