Splendid Flunkys: “Throne Room”

We just caught word of a new Springfield musical project that put out an album at the start of this month… They are called “Splendid Flunkys” and feature recording artist extraordinaire March Schwartz and also Scott Faingold (Epsom, Heptanes, etc.) as a duo. The two have released a debut album called Throne Room and you can stream all 14 tracks of that on the player below! Also head on over to the Splendid Flunkys bandcamp page where you can purchase the download of the album. And a description from their page:

“Splendid Flunkys is the raw, loud, punkish garage rock brainchild of veteran rockers Scott Faingold (Backwards Day, Epsom) and Mark Schwartz (Forest Saints, Tin Ghost, End Times Trio). With a combination of rib-tickling humor and brutal self- and societal observations, their music is not for the faint of heart. Take a deep breath and enter into the company of the Splendid Flunkys.”

Splendid Flunkys don’t have any plans for any live shows as far as we know. We’ve added this one to our Springfield album archive page, where we definitely have some catching up to do!

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