Today at Dumb Records: “Record Store Day 2020 Drop Date 2”

It’s been a long time since we’ve made any “today” or “tonight” at Dumb Records posts. Last month, the first Record Store Day “drop date” was a success and we were able to stick to our own guidelines of masks and limiting the number of people in the store, so we are ready for another one of these today. Today is the second of the three drop dates, which are happening at the end of August, September, and October. For these days we are getting in a number of exclusive Record Store Day releases. We listed out some of them on this post, and you can find some pictured above. Once again we have a more limited amount of these exclusives compared to normal Record Store Days we have participated in in the past.

In addition to those exclusive releases, we plan on putting out some more new and used records onto the shelves for today.

Our store is open today a little bit earlier than normal – we open at 10:00 am and are open until 7:00 pm. Masks are required and we are limiting the number of people in the store to 10.

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