Timothy Donavan Russell: “Storment Drome,” “Steps,” “Pursuant”

Happy new local music Friday everyone! It’s just been a lot of pinball lately, not a whole lot going on here in terms of new local music. Let’s get back to it! Recently, local sound artist Timothy Donavan Russell dropped three new releases in the forms of albums and songs up online. We have ALL three embedded on players below!

Storment Drome is on the bottom and is two tracks over 7 minutes long. These are “raw drone synth noise field recording weird.” Steps is in the middle, includes five new tracks. Then at the top Pursuant is one track over 8 minutes – “Studio jam on microKORG and Electro-Faustus Drone Thing Mostly in 18/4 time….”

Check all of that out on the player below, or head on over to the Timothy Donavan Russell bandcamp page for more music!

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