Looming Debut New Song “Slide” In Exchange For Donations To Brave Space Alliance


It’s been a minute since we’ve heard new music from Springfield heavy hitting rock group Looming! Now the band is debuting a brand new song, but doing it for a good cause. From Looming’s facebook page:

We have a brand new song called Slide. Wanna hear it? In honor of the Black Lives Matter movement and Pride month we are encouraging donations to Brave Space Alliance in Chicago. If you donate ANYTHING to them….even just $1….email your receipt to loomingillinois@gmail.com and we will email you back with a link to download an unreleased and unheard song that we’ve been working on.


“Brave Space Alliance, the only Black-led, trans-led LGBTQ Center in Chicago needs your help to survive and thrive. We need vital financial support in order to continue providing life-saving, culturally competent, for-us by-us programs and services to Black and Brown trans and gender non-conforming people on the South and West sides of the city.”

Yep, that’s right! We are not streaming the song below or anything like that, because you have to follow the directions and donate to Brave Space Alliance to get the song!

Looming released their sophomore album Seed in 2017.

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