March Issue Of Activator Magazine Available Now


Happy March, y’all! Did you know it was March? This is a post to let you all know that we now have the newest issue of Activator Magazine. This one features some people we know featured on the cover – that’s right, it’s the band Bottom Bracket, who have their new and debut album Don’t Care Enough To Stay coming out on Rat King Records later this month.

This issue also features an interview with Chicago-based indie group Ratboys, album reviews, live show calendars, more interviews with Mary Jo Curry, Sunshine Daydream, Hot Sauce Universe, Tony Young, and Vertrell Yates. There’s also Springfield and Peoria scene reports, photospreads, and more.

All of this is available for free right now inside of Dumb Records, and various other businesses around town. We also have a few back issues available as well.

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