Jeff Black (The Radon Lounge) Announced As New Partner of Dumb Records 2020


Here we are today with a big announcement of more of our inner workings at Dumb Records headquarters. The big announcement of the end of The Radon Lounge as Springfield’s longest running basement venue left a lot of us hanging with the question of what was going to be next for Jeff Black and those involved with the lounge. Well, if you can believe it… Dumb Records is next for Jeff. Today we are announcing a merging of sorts between us and all of the wonderful elements that The Radon Lounge brought to the table in Springfield DIY Music. Jeff is joining up as a partner in Dumb Records 2020, a year of the future. Here is Jeff’s announcement from The Radon Lounge page:

I’ve always felt Dumb Records is one of the most consistently interesting things happening in town. I’m joining the Dumb Records team in 2020 and will continue hosting monthly shows there.

The main thing for me is giving the Springfield community something different, original, creative, and interesting to experience. one thing I know is if you put a lot of work and time into something, it doesn’t necessarily mean everyone else is going to dig it. Radon Lounge had its last show on Saturday to a super packed crowd and it’s been real exciting to see how many people cared about this weird basement thing I’ve been doing for the last 8 years.

We’re currently planning out some exciting new Dumb projects that I can’t wait to talk about. Although first, we have some less exciting behind the scenes work to get done to ensure Dumb’s future success. And when Brian’s not looking I’ll sneak in a few pinball machines.

One thing I’m definitely looking forward to is putting an address on show flyers. Speaking of shows, mark your calendar for January 19th as that will be my first show as an official Dumb Records boy.


What does this mean for us? Who are all those guys standing up there and what is everyone’s roll in this dumb record store? Yes, you might have seen that Jeff hinted at some pinball machines for us in the future, and we can say that there are a number of exciting projects we have in the works. Jeff’s first show is happening at our space January 19th and we’ll have an official announcement for that one shortly. We’ll just have to keep you posted as we move on into the new year taking on new projects. Maybe we’ll update The Black Sheep history page at some point to include some newer things at our downtown location, which we have been in for nearly a full year now. As always, thank you for everyone’s support!

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