Full Black Friday Record Store Day (November 29th) Released Online


The time is upon us yet again for another big Record Store Day event – the second biggest day of the year for us usually, Black Friday Record Store Day. This year Black Friday is happening on Friday, November 29th (the day after Thanksgiving). This will be our first Black Friday at our downtown location, and also our first holiday season go-around downtown so we are excited for what that and holiday walks might bring as far as traffic to our store goes! Here’s an FAQ section Record Store Day put together about Black Friday Record Store Day for those of you wanting to know more.

Today we are giving you a heads up on the full Black Friday Record Store Day list of releases that were released online very recently by Record Store Day. Check out that full list online right here.

This list is not everything we expect to be getting in our store, and we were not able to order everything on the list. We also can not do special orders off of this list. We will likely be releasing our (limited) list of titles that we ordered later on, and will also likely announce some sort of store-wide sale not just on Black Friday titles. We have three record stores in downtown Springfield now (here we all are pictured together). Usually Recycled Records participates in ordering exclusive titles as well.

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