Springfield Business Journal: “Good Heart Tattoos Opening Downtown”


The Springfield Business Journal has published an article on Good Heart Tattoos opening up next door to us here downtown. The article was published to their website about a week ago, and you can view it online right here. Here is most of the article where the Business Journal talked with owner Benny DeWitt below:

Good Heart Tattoos will be opening at the end of this month at 414 E. Monroe in downtown Springfield. Owner Benny DeWitt said he is in the process of converting the former Corso Jewelers space into an art studio, and a friend has already hand painted the storefront.

“I grew up in a sign painting and tattooing family,” said DeWitt, who has traveled the country tattooing and performing with various bands and more recently worked at tattoo shops in Springfield. “One of my goals for the new shop is to have a spot where traveling tattooers are welcome,” explained DeWitt, who said he will have multiple booths, even though he will be the only full-time artist for now.

DeWitt said he spends a lot of time downtown and was initially considering opening his shop in a portion of the space now occupied by Dumb Records. “I’ve been friends with Brian (Galecki) forever, and he needed more space than I did, so it worked out for me to be next door instead.” DeWitt noted that he is also longtime friends with Jeremy Bredemeyer, who owns Hair of the Dog Bar/Bershop across the street.

“I’m trying to help build a creative center down there,” he said.

The grand opening for Good Heart Tattoos is now set to happen on Saturday, November 9th in less than one month. More info on that can be found on a facebook event right here. Also be sure to follow Good Heart Tattoos to keep in the loop with what’s going on with the new tattoo shop.

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