Tonight at Dumb Records: Greenhouse Opera, Idle Oath, Skyler Duncan


Happy fall, everybody. It’s fall outside. And October, and this is our first show in October happening tonight!! It’s an indie-rocker of sorts. First off, we had the opening act drop off, so we only have three acts lined up for tonight. Things will likely start at 7:20pm on the dot because of this change. So now starting things is going to be Skyler Duncan – the mythical / legendary futuristic prog-rock ambient trio that’s been making some sort of splash in town? Headlining the bill is Greenhouse Opera – the new full band project of Dexter Anodyne, who has played at our space plenty of times. And right in the middle there we have a newer local duo called Idle Oath that we are excited about! Stream their music on the player below!

This show starts at 7:20 pm now, and admission is $5. Check out a facebook event for the show right here. Also check out our shows page to check out what else is lined up at our place in the near future!

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