Today On The Dumb Records Radio Show: Josh Flanders (Buzz Bomb Brewing Co.)


It’s Friday, so that means yet another episode of The Dumb Records Radio Show is going on air at 4:00 pm! Who do we have behind the magic door this time? Looks like it’s Josh Flanders, representing our neighboring business Buzz Bomb Brewing Company! Buzz Bomb has been throwing shows over at their location on Adams Street for the past couple of years and they are gearing up for a big “Oktoberfest” this weekend, which will be outdoors and feature heavy hitting punk band NIL8, and also rockabilly act Twistin’ Tarantulas from the Detroit area. We will be talking to Josh about the festival coming up as well as anything else that’s been going on over at Buzz Bomb!

The Dumb Records Radio Show airs today and every Friday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm on 88.3 WQNA FM. You can also listen online at the same time at Also check out our Mixcloud page where we’ve got all recent episodes recorded and streaming for free online!

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