September 27th at The Radon Lounge, Homeless Gospel Choir, Mikey Erg, Jon Snodgrass, Looming


Well look-ee here, what do have here. It looks like Springfield basement venue The Radon Lounge have announced the first show of the season for them on Friday, September 27th and it’s a big one. There’s a three-act touring package on this show, and it’s a big deal. On the top is “Homeless Gospel Choir.” That is a touring folk-punk act of some sort from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Right smack dab in the middle of that package is none other than Mickey Erg himself. Mickey Erg is a punk rock drummer who has played for a number of groups including The Ergs, and has just released his second solo album which is streaming on the player below. Then there is some third touring guy, Jon Snodgrass, who comes from St. Joseph, Missouri and also played in a bunch of other bands or something. Opening up this show is another rare performance for big time indie rock / punk band that we all know and love, Looming.

This show starts on that day at 7:00 pm, and admission is $12. Find a facebook event for the show right here. We can’t tell you where the Radon Lounge is, but you can go over to their website to further investigate and they might send you on a scavenger hunt around the city to find their little concert dungeon. Check out our Springfield shows page right here.

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