Tonight at CFP: Dead Selves, Dana Skully, Kate The Band, Marble Teeth


If you haven’t noticed, the “CFP” house venue has been pretty quiet these past few months as things have been more up and rolling on the “Bread Stretchers” end of things. However, tonight the Springfield basement is hosting what looks like their one and only show this summer and the first one since shows have been happening at Bread Stretchers. Tonight the show at the CFP features the full band lineup of Kate The Band, who just released two hot new tracks on our site this past week. There are two touring bands on this show. The first is “Dead Selves” from Atlanta, Georgia. You can stream their music on the player below. The other band is “Dana Skully & The Tiger Sharks”. Wait, that band played at Black Sheep before, didn’t they? Opening things up is an act we haven’t seen in a minute – Marble Teeth from Decatur, Illinois.

All of this starts at the CFP house at 7:00 on July 3rd – yes, they will be serving Crusty Fish Pies as part of their vegan bake sale. It’s $5. Check out a facebook event for the show right here. Also check out our Springfield shows page where we try to keep a list of shows going on outside of our space in town.

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