New Band Pages: Final Order


Gooood Monday Morning Springfield. We are kicking off another week right by bringing you another band page on our site and another featured band of the week. Would you believe it but we had not gotten one together for Final Order yet – a band that played their first show at Black Sheep back in August of last year (that means they’ve almost been around a full year)! Check that out right here. We have been told that recordings for this band are going to be released very very soon. They are actually playing the very next show at Bread Sheep coming up this Saturday, and then another one here as well on July 6th!

This puts us at a total of 40 current band pages on our site, all of which you can check out right here – we know we still have a lot to do with getting these updated however and catching up with all of the new projects that have been forming in town! If you are a local original musician or play in a band that has not gotten a page set up with us yet, shoot us an email at and we will work with you to get something set up!

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