Deezy Da Paperboy & Cornbread: “Kush & Kollabs”


Today we bring you some hot brand new Springfield music in the form of this collaborative hip hop release by two long time local rappers: Deezy Da Paperboy and Cornbread. Both of them had performed the first hip hop show at our space a couple of weekends ago. Both artists worked together to create a new mixtape called Kush & Kollabs – five brand new tracks which you can find streaming on the player below. Also head over to youtube and stream it here.

There was also an interview and writeup about the release in this month’s Activator Magazine, conducted by Ken No of Hip Hop Hump Day. From the interview:

The concept is that when you listen to the album, it only has five tracks, that represents our “Five On It” like that old Luniz track, plain and simple. We want it so when you put on the first track, I want listeners to be breaking it down to roll it up or pack it, or you already got it ready to go. I’m talking about marijuana. Weed’s gonna be legal recreationally soon so I don’t feel like I’m doing too much. So we’re taking them through this journey, and when we partake, we like to throw on some music.

For the full interview / writeup, pick up a free copy of Activator at Dumb Records today. You bet that this release is yet another one getting added to our Springfield album archive – now well over 400 archived releases from over the years.

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