Musical Realists: “Bunny Ah Ah Crunch”


We gotta keep this ball rolling with new local music every single day!! It feels great!! Here you go! Today we bring you a brand new song from a local recording project we didn’t even know existed up until recently – the project is called “Musical Realists” and features sound artist Timothy Donavan Russell and his son Timothy. Together, they are Musical Realists and they are here to bring you some very interesting and real music. Today’s music is a brand new track of theirs called “Bunny Ah Ah Crunch,” which comes from a fourth-coming album. Stream that song below.

Apparently this project has had two long albums – Electrouble released last year and Frog Coin released in 2014. Head over to the Musical Realists bandcamp page to check both of those out. We are adding those both to our Springfield album archive page right now.

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