June 2019 Issue of Activator Magazine Available Now


Would you believe it, but Activator Magazine has now made it one full year into existence with the first issue having came out June of 2018. This month’s issue for the local action-packed music magazine is number #13. Have you collected them all? We sure haven’t but maybe we can try. This post is to let you know that we have the June 2019 issue now available for free in our store. It includes local hip hop artists Deezy Da Paperboy and Cornbread on the cover, with an interview with them inside. Also plenty of album reviews, a monthly Central Illinois show calendar, a look at what festivals are happening in our area this summer, plenty of photos, and much much more. Wow.

Activator Magazine is awesome and free and in our store all of the time. You should consider checking out their Patreon page online where you can pledge to make a monthly donation to support them doing what they do.

Oh! And by the way, we will be celebrating one year of Activator Magazine with a show at our show space this month on June 22nd! Find a facebook event for that one right here – we’ll also have an official post for that one up soon.

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