April 13th at Bread Stretchers: Stick People, Parkway & Columbia, Heck, Kate The Band


Today we have another show happening for us to tell you about going on right next door to us at Bread Stretchers, on Record Store Day! It’s looking like downtown is going to be the place to be on Saturday, April 13th! For this show we have a solid bill, one touring act and three locals. The touring act on the bill is “Parkway And Colubmia“, a group that had played at Black Sheep at some point in recent years from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Check out their music on the player streaming below! This show is going to close out with Stick People the 90’s grunge / punk group from Taylorville Illinois. We also have Heck, solo project of Hannah Songer from Bloomington, Illinois. Opening things up is the re-vamped better than ever Kate Laine aka “Kate The Band” performing as a three-piece full band. This should all be a good time.

This show kicks off next door to us at Bread Stretchers at 7:00 pm sharp on Record Store Day. Admission is just $5. Check out a facebook event here. Check out our shows page to see what else is coming up at Bread Stretchers.

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