Tonight at Bread Stretchers: Bottom Bracket, Cornbread, Eric Marvel, Jessica Knight, Brandon Carnes


Happy April Fools Day everyone. We are happy to announce a very last minute show happening tonight downtown right next door to us at Bread Stretchers. Why? How? We can’t tell you. But we can tell you that these acts will be playing. Bottom Bracket – the only full band on the bill at the top of the lineup. Stream their music on the player below. Cornbread – local rapper, been around doing his thing for quite some time now. Nice. Eric Marvel – solo electronic / new wave music project. Then Jessica Knight – of the band Looming doing a solo set. And, Brandon Carnes – of the band Midnight Fall doing a solo set. Nice. Those five acts take the Bread Stretcher stage tonight.

This all starts at 7:00 pm. Where? Bread Stretchers is near the corner of 4th and Monroe downtown. Find a facebook event right here. Also check out our shows page where we are going to work on what else is coming up at Bread Stretchers.

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