Tonight at Black Sheep: PCASC Presents “Dare To Defy”


It’s been a pretty wild weekend for us over at Black Sheep and Dumb Records, but it isn’t even over- we do have one event lined up tonight being put on by The Prairie Center Against Sexual Assault that is open to the public. The event will be taking place from 7:00 to 9:00 pm and is being called “Dare To Defy”. There will be a list of poetry readings, a speaking piece, a photography project, and a brainstorming and discussion segment. Here is a list of poets lined up to speak:

Lucy Nora
Angie Tonucci
Sherry Rothman Frachey
Colt Brummett
Casandra Austin-McDonald

For a more in-depth description of what’s going on, check out the facebook event right here. Again, that goes on starting at 7:00 pm tonight, it’s open to the public, and it’s free. Check out our shows page for a list of what else we’ve got coming up at Black Sheep the rest of this fall (we are working on updating the page today)!

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