Tonight at Black Sheep: The Shadows of Knight, Rockford, Tom Irwin


Tonight’s a big one! That’s right, a big concert that we have been hyping up a lot over the past month – The Shadows of Knight, a band founded in 1965, will be performing at Black Sheep tonight. The Shadows of Knight were known for their rendition of the Van Morrison song “Gloria” and came out with a few full length albums since they started fifty four years ago. From what it sounds like, even the mayor will be there. Opening acts include Rockford and Tom Irwin.

Things kick off tonight at 7:00 pm. If we had to guess what time The Shadows of Knight take the stage, 8:45 is our best bet (but be sure to come out and catch the opening acts). Admission is $15- if you didn’t pick up a ticket in advance you are still fine coming out and paying at the door! Check out a facebook event for this one right here. And check out our shows page for other shows coming up at Black Sheep right here.

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