Saturday at CFP: Toxic Womb, Livin’ Thing, Prowess


On Saturday night, after the Collision #2 art show is done at Black Sheep, there will be an aftershow featuring both art and music at local house venue “CFP”. This is the third? forth? show to happen at the new venue. This show also features the return of Columbus, Ohio touring act Toxic Womb to Springfield (last they were here was November of 2016 at Black Sheep). Stream some of Toxic Womb’s music on the player below. This show also features the incredibly wacky Livin’ Thing blues band. And opening things up is the three-piece fast hardcore band Prowess. In addition to the music there will be artworks on the display by artists Milk Tirehaus, Frank Lee Ray, Zoe Birsa, and Zoe Isabelle.

This event starts over at the CFP at 9:00 pm. Where is The CFP located? We won’t tell you. But maybe be sure to come out to the Collision #2 at Black Sheep before then and we can lead you on a scavenger hunt to find the house! Find a facebook event for this one right here.

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