The Illinois Times: “Celebrating Three Decades, Skank Skates Needs Help”


Some of you may have caught that Southtown made it into the papers again this week!- This time there is a page in weekly publication The Illinois Times about Skank Skates, which recently celebrated 30 years since ramps began construction in 1987 and the park opened its doors in 1988.

Scott Faingold wrote the article in today’s paper about Skanks turning 30 years, the numerous times the park was shut down by the city, well as the hardships owner George Sinclair and Skanks are facing today. From the article:

For most of the past three decades, Sinclair’s work in commercial lighting underwrote his DIY labors of love, but the company he worked for was recently bought out by a larger corporation, replacing Sinclair with its own reps. “I’ve been trying to get work doing contracting jobs or painting houses – and that will handle the day-to-day expenses, utilities, etc. – but things like property taxes and insurance keep going up to where you can’t seem to ever get the ends to meet.”

Check out that full article right here online or pick up a copy of The Illinois Times this week at various local businesses around town. Find a link to a new Project Southtown website right here, and a link to a newly launched GoFundMe page for Project Southtown and Skank Skates right here.

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