September 25th at Dumb Records: Dave Adams, SAP, The Heptanes


We got a show here coming up at Dumb Records in just a little bit over a week that we are excited about. The new PA system inside Dumb Records is ready to go and hopefully we will have a elephant right outside the store by then, which will be a perfect setup for this show. For this one we have Springfield music legend Dave Adams flying in from California for the weekend to play a couple of shows and to attend a class reunion. Dave was active in the Springfield music scene from the late 1970’s on through the early 90’s, and performed in an early punk/new wave group called “Food & Money.” Check out a video of Food & Money below, as well as some of Dave’s current solo music which he will be performing at the show. Also on the bill we have Springfield grunge rock band SAP. Then opening things up we have the first ever performance of a brand new group called “The Heptanes” featuring Scott Faingold (Epsom) and Jason Perry (The Seething Coast).

All of this will be kicking off at 7:00 pm that day at Dumb Records (1107 South Grand East Ave.). We will be taking $3 donations for the show. Also everything inside of Dumb Records will be 15% off during the show. Check out a facebook event for this one right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a good look at everything coming up around Southtown this fall.

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