Tonight at Black Sheep: Parsheika Robinson, Kiki Walker, Nick Demarco, Mario Cannamela, Austin Connelly


It’s a Sunday night- and we are mixing things up a bit at Black Sheep tonight with a solo show happening at Black Sheep. That’s right, we have five of those acts lined up for this show all performing solo. This includes Mario Cannamela (of Livin’ Thing, Dry Heave, + more) doing his solo stuff. Mario dropped a new single recorded up in South Town Studio not too long ago. Also on this show is a first ever Black Sheep solo performance of Nick Demarco (Our Lady, Livin’ Thing, Torture Trend). Then we have a solo performance by Parsheika Robinson, singer of Shark Week. Kiki Walker of Shark Week and Moondead will also be performing solo. Then we’ve got Austin Connelly of Wir Können and GRINN and that’s it!

This show will be another 7:00 pm, $5 show. Check out a facebook event for the show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a good look at all of the upcoming shows we have lined up over the next few months.

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