Our Lady: “The Fox”


Seems like we have all been waiting years to hear some news on that new Our Lady LP, and the wait is finally over! Yesterday the band released a brand new track from their upcoming full length, Lure, and also announced plans for a release show on August 19th. The new song is called “The Fox” and was debuted on music site Ghettoblastermagazine.com. You can also stream the song on the player below. From the article:

On the band’s forthcoming offering, Lure, they have stripped down their sound to the bare bones, removing almost all of the heavy elements of previous releases and poured out their most personal and heartfelt record to date. On no track is this more evident than the record’s first single “The Fox,” which Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of premiering today. Every note spills emotion, every word overflows with despair. Lure will be released on August 19 on vinyl/cd/digital.

A more official announcement for the show on August 19th will be on our site at some point very soon! Our Lady will be playing Black Sheep Fest as well before then on Saturday, August 6th.

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