New Arrivals This Week At Dumb Records


What’s up, it’s a new week at Southtown record store Dumb Records (located at 1107 South Grand East Ave.)! There are plenty of new items in the store this week including some hot new LPs and also used LPs. This includes the brand new LPs from some bands from the area- Lumpy & The Dumpers, Kowabunga! Kid, and Black Panties. Get those records while they are still hot! Let’s take a peek at Dumb Record’s operating hours this week and then jump into those arrivals:

Tuesday (today): noon – 8:00 pm
Wednesday (show): noon – 9:00 pm
Thursday: noon – 8:00 pm
Friday: noon – 8:00 pm
Saturday (show): noon – 9:00 pm
Sunday: noon – 8:00 pm
Monday (4th of July): ?? – ?? (we’ll be open at some point, and during the show!)

New LPs
Alaska – Shrine
Black Panties – Dead And Gone
Brian McGee – Ruin Creek
Colossal Wrecks – Waste The Moments
Crybaby – Drag Me Under
The Headies – Meta-Pop
Holy Pinto – Congratulations
Invalids – Strengths
Kississippi – We’re All Doomed
Knola – To The Rhythm
Kowabunga! Kid – Wasting My Time
Lumpy & The Dumpers – Huff My Sack
Oso Oso – Real Stories of True People Who Kind of Looked…
The Rentiers – Here Is A List of Things That Exist…
Slingshot Dakota – Golden Ghost
Snowing – That Time I Sat In A Pile Of Chocolate
White Pisces – Weather
1994! – Fuck It

Used LPs
All Eyes West – All Eyes West
Alta – Places
The Dead Milkmen – Big Lizard In My Backyard
Dinah Shore – Sings Cole Porter And Richard Rodgers
Evie – Gentle Moments
Jamie Owens – Growing Pains
John Waite – Every Step Of The Way
Glenn Miller – The Glenn Miller Story
The Greek Favourites – What Do You Know About The World…
The Inoculators – Dropped Their Brains
KISS – The Originals
Over Stars And Gutters – Consider This Your Curse
Ronnie Milsap – Milsap Magic
The Stranglers – Dreamtime
Various – None Whatsoever


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