Chicago Reader: “Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s Hosts The Finale of Springfield Punk Party Dumb Fest”


Chicago-based newspaper and new site the Chicago Reader has published an article covering the Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s show that took place this past Sunday as a part of Dumb Fest – “Rock n’ Roll Hardee’s hosts the finale of Springfield punk party Dumb Fest.” The article takes a look at Hardee’s as a venue for punk shows in Springfield and how accepting the management over there has been to this new and interesting partnership with the Springfield punk scene. From the article (written by Sean Neumann):

“This is my first time really listening to music like this,” Neal says. “It’s interesting to see how the kids dress now, because they dress very different. I’ve never seen so many kids with so many holes in their heads.”

You can check out the full article online right here. Also expect a few pictures and videos from Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s and the other Dumb Fest shows to surface on our site throughout the next few weeks!

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