Dry Heave: “Designer Skin”


Here’s yet another demo coming out of the Ooey Gooey roster this time from the band Dry Heave. Dry Heave is more Champaign/Urbana-based than Springfield, but features Mario Cannamela (Springfield native) of bands Soap Scum, Livin’ Thing, Wir Können, etc. Also this release is being put out by local label Ooey Gooey tapes on cassette so we felt it is more than worth mentioning! This is also the fourth release Ooey Gooey is involved in putting out this year, wow! You can find Designer Skin by Dry Heave streaming on the player below. Also head over to the release on bandcamp to download at your own price.

Dry Heave will be performing next at Black Sheep on Sunday, March 27th (Easter Day) along with Looming and Our Lady for a show we haven’t gotten a post up for yet! (It’s coming soon)! Find an event for that one right here.

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