Deezy Da Paperboy with Jayy Wills and Cornbread: “Angels” (Music Video)

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Today we bring you a new hit music video featuring not one, not two, but THREE talented local artists: Deezy Da Paperboy, Jayy Wills, and Cornbread. The video is for a song called “Angels,” by Deezy Da Paperboy and was shot and directed by Jayy Wills, looks like out in the mountains of Illinois somewhere. You might also catch a glimpse of some other local celebrities in the video. Check out the video on the player below.

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Local Drags: “Girls In Denim Jackets” (Music Video)

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Hit local pop group Local Drags have made it big onto Punk News Dot Org with their new music video for the song “Girls In Denim Jackets.” Local Drags put out an album Shit’s Lookin’ Up! early this year which we do have available on vinyl in our store, but this song is NOT off of that record, instead it is from an earlier release and that is The Boys Are Still In Town 7″ that was recently put out by Stardumb Records. Check out the video on the player below.

Also check out a list of music videos from local bands over the years on our vids/pics page. We don’t know of any shows Local Drags currently has lined up at our space or in the area at the moment, sorry.

Prevention: “Another World” (Music Video)

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Today we bring you the *official* *final* music video for Springfield’s own hardcore band Prevention. The video is for their song “Another World” and it was shot by Elijah Settles at what we are pretty sure is a new show spot called “Bread” “Stretchers.” Check that out on the player below. Also head over to check out Elijah’s youtube page.

Check out many more Springfield music videos on our vids/pics page. Yes, Prevention does have more shows lined up. In fact, they are playing exactly one month from today on October 25th at our space.

Music Videos: Ty Witty: “Lovely”

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As we’ve said on this site plenty of times before, it’s hard keeping up with all of the local music videos that are coming out nowadays! Especially with talented videographers such as Twenty One Seven Studios, who shot and produced this one we are showing you today by local hip hop / pop artist Ty Witty. This one’s not on youtube so we can’t embed the player, sorry. It’s for Ty Witty’s song, “Lovely” which comes off his most recent album, For When It Rains. You can check out the video for the song on facebook right here. Also stream the full album For When It Rains on youtube right here.

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DZY: “Waiting On” (Music Video)

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The music videos for local artists keep on comin’ in hot!! This afternoon we are bringing you one shot in the heart of downtown Springfield – even some of it looks like it was shot right infront of our store! This video is for local rapper DZY and his song “Waiting On”, which was shot and directed by the very talented and always busy Jayy Wills. Check that out on the player below, or also on youtube right here. DZY performed at least one song with DreTheGuy at the most recent hip hop show at our space earlier this month.

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Dexter Anodyne: “The River” (Music Video)


Local Springfield musician Dexter Anodyne who recently released her debut album, Weeping Venus has now released a music video for the track “The River” off of that album. The video here was produced and directed by Matt Schmitt looks like with the help of Artist United Network which is a media production service based out of St. Charles, Missouri. Great job, everybody! You can hopefully check out the video embedded on the player below. If that’s not working, you can go see it on the Artist United Network facebook page right here.

Looks like the next show Dexter is playing in town is on September 21st across the street from us at Bar None. Also check out our vids/pics page and scroll down for a list of music videos taken over the years by Springfield bands/artists.

Chance Reiniesch – “Divine” Music Video

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Today we bring you a new hit music video from pop artist from the area, Chance Reiniesch. The video is for the song “Divine” and comes off of Chance’s new album called People Pleaser which is being released at a big release show that is happening here at Dumb Records this Saturday night! You can check that video out on the player below. Chance is from the Gillespie or Litchfield area, so would this be Lake Yeager?

Check out the event page for Chance’s release show this Saturday right here.