Deezy Da Paperboy feat. Alexa Redd: “No Justice”

New song and video from Deezy Da Paperboy alert! Deezy is a Lincoln, Illinois-based hip hop artist who has been very active for the past few years. A couple of days ago he dropped a new song and video for “No Justice” also featuring Alexa Redd, which you can check out on the player embedded below. From the youtube page:

“No Justice” – By Deezy Da Paperboy (feat. Alexa Redd) is a Song about societal inequality, systemic racism, human rights activism and peaceful protest, to help bring about much needed cultural change. its crazy to me, because we recorded this song roughly 2 years ago, and the Relevance today is still just as Pure as when it was inspired, I fight everyday for Equal Justice through out all Race, tax brackets, and cultures, when there is #NoJustice There will be #NoPeace – Deezy Da Paperboy

Also check out our vids/pics page for a long list of other local music videos shot over the years.

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