The State Journal-Register: “Musicians Adjust To Cancellations”

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An article in the City State section of today’s State Journal-Register touches on how some local musicians have been coping with shows cancelling in the area (and around the globe) due to COVID-19 and the stay-at-home order. Pictured above and in the article is Micah Walk of folk group Deep Hollow, who also gives guitar lessons and manages to do so now through webcam from his home. Steven Spearie also interviewed local solo artist Ben Bedford about how his upcoming tour dates were cancelled and how he is dealing with the cancellations. From the article:

All of that, woosh, gone,” said Bedford of the shows knocked out by the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. “It makes me slightly nauseous to think of the amount of work and the amount of money that disappeared (from that).”

Now Bedford, who has spent nearly 15 years being a full-time musician, is trying a service called Patreon. For a monthly subscription, Bedford will offer patrons exclusive content not available on his website or other social media platforms, like videos, behind the scene glimpses from his life or songs or lyrics in progress.

Check out a link to the article online right here, or pick up the State Journal Register at your local… grocery store.

Find a link to Ben Bedford’s newly created Patreon page online right here!

The Illinois Times: “Local Business Owners Face A New Reality”


One thing is for certain, and that is that we are the only ones affected by the coronavirus. Every single person in the entire… globe is probably affected in some way. Safety is most important right now, and lives are at risk.

Things are rapidly changing every day for what our business and other businesses are doing and how people are trying to cope with the virus and practice social distancing. We got the change to speak with Rachel Otwell of The Illinois Times along with other local businesses Graba Java and American Harvest about what we are doing in these times.

Check out that article online right here. From the article:

Back downtown, Dumb Records has canceled or postponed all upcoming shows, and won’t be scheduling more for the foreseeable future. The music store also functions as a performance space. Owner Brian Galecki is focused on selling some of his 6,000-plus vinyl records and CDs online. The operation is unique, as it runs on volunteer support. But it’s how Galecki makes ends meet.

Our online Discogs store can be found right here, and our online storenvy where shirts and more can be found right here. Our physical store is pretty much closed until further notice at this point (we are just here going through records and packing up orders).