Tonight at Dumb Records: “Harry’s Houseparty” (Harry Styles Fan Event)

Good morning, and happy weekend. This is a post to let you know about a fan event we’ve got going on at Dumb Records tonight. Not the normal type of event we have in our space, but a new group known as “Swift Springfield” comprised of a few Sangamon CEO students organized a Taylor Swift fan event at our space earlier this spring and it went over very well, so here we are again for another one!

Tonight, June 10th, is a fan event for English pop singer and actor Harry Styles! Harry Styles had a new album come out last month called “Harry’s House” and we have plenty of copies on vinyl right here in the store. Tickets are being sold online right here through “Swift Springfield”. We will be raffling off a ONE DIRECTION turntable and also one copy of “Harry’s House” on vinyl! That kicks off tonight at 7:00 pm.

Check our shows page for a small list of shows (with bands) that we have coming up.

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